If you are looking to buy a new home or investment property, Yash Properties has the knowledge and personal service of a local agent with the prestige. Buying a home may be the most important financial and lifestyle decision you will ever make.  Buying a home isn’t the easiest thing to do without a good real estate professional to advise and assist you.  It is not impossible to buy a home on your own, however, with Yash Properties to assist you through the process you can save yourself from making mistakes, some of which can cost you a lot of time and/or money.

With thousands of properties for sale, we are the estate agent of choice for those wishing to buy a new home. From luxury houses and equestrian properties, to rural estates and overseas apartments, we have properties available to meet all requirements. Our residential property experts are here to help you in your property search.


If you have a property to sell, Yash Properties should be the real estate agent you choose. We pride ourselves on delivering the personal service and area familiarity of a local agent, alongside the prestige.Selling a home takes preparation, organization and professional marketing.Pricing of your home is the most common mistake. If a house is priced too high it will make comparable properties appear to be better value and that may help sell your neighbours’ home instead of yours.

If your price is too low you could end up sacrificing profit unnecessarily. Pricing a home to sell is an art that takes into account market movement, demand, the home’s condition and yes, its location. Your Yash Properties agent will take all these factors into account when advising you on a pricing strategy.Our customers are so pleased with the service they receive from us that 95% would use us again or recommend us to friends and family.Whatever type of property you have to sell, Yash Properties is the real estate agent of choice.


At Yash Properties we are dedicated to helping you find your ideal rental property. We believe that renting a property is no reason to accept anything less than the perfect home and it is no surprise that more than eight out of ten tenants in Yash Properties managed properties renew their lease for another year.If you are looking for a property to rent Yash Properties has thousands of flats, houses, apartments, and estates to let.

Whether you are a student, young professional or a family Yash Properties has the right rental property for you. Perhaps you are caught in the middle of a sales chain and need a property to rent in a hurry? Yash Properties can help! If you’re looking to find a property to rent with the right rental credentials, Yash Properties are the residential lettings agent of choice.If you have any queries related to our services, we will be glad to hear from you.